Wireless causing router to break

By Nvrenuf ·
Linksys wrt300n. This unit worked fine when I left on a trip last week and sometime while I was gone, it stopped working. If I leave the wireless disabled, it works fine for my wired computers. If I turn wireless on, the router stops working for everything.

I have reset it, reapplied firmware and tried to shut off all computers except one to isolate to no avail. Any ideas appreciated.

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How Old is th Router

by TheChas In reply to Wireless causing router t ...

My experience with home and low end SOHO routers is that they have a 3 to 5 year run life.

The first one that failed on me, I went through all kinds of trouble-shooting before finally replacing it.

Now, if it has been in service for over 2 years and suddenly stops working or has problems I just replace it. Once my equipment is over 1 year old, I now pick up a spare when there is a good sale so I just have to swap in new equipment.

Make sure that have have surge protection on the AC power and a good ground for the system.

Another thing you can do, is replace any unregulated power transformers with fully regulated ones.

Wireless being an antenna equipped transmitter / receiver could be damaged by a nearby lightning strike during a thunderstorm.


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Normally I would agree

by Nvrenuf In reply to How Old is th Router

This router is only one year old. Also, I just found out that Comcast did a modem reset last week on my system. I am looking at that as a cause.

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If that could have had an effect

by seanferd In reply to Normally I would agree

I would suggest simply resetting wireless to factory condition, then setting it back up again.

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