wireless cctv vs hardwired cctv

By brown4442 ·
Which system is recommended?

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by david.wallis In reply to wireless cctv vs hardwir ...

purely for security reasons. The reason for having CCTV is for security, if you make it wireless, then anyone who wanted to view your CCTV system could if they tried hard enough!

where as a cabled network is much harder to
get into... also faster too

just my 2 cents worth :) cables faster and safer

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by david.wallis In reply to wireless cctv vs hardwir ...

lookin at your other psot, if your monitoring building sites, a wireless solution is easier to move once the building has been completed :) no nasty cables to take out!.........

always go for cabled solution though if the CCTV is going to be permanently installed

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RE: Which system is recommended?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to wireless cctv vs hardwir ...

All depends on what is required here.

You do however tend to get a better quality Video from ired CCTV where as Wireless CCTV is initially easier & cheaper to install but if you required High Quality Video in a Secure Environment you have to use Wired Cameras.

Also depending on what the Video will get used for it is possible that Wireless CCTV will not be acceptable for Evidence in the event of Court Cases as there is no guarantee that what was recorded was what the camera actually saw and was not what was beamed to the Receiver to circumvent the System.


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