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wireless computer can not see other computers in the network

By jennajoy83 ·
I am trying to load a printer onto one of my wireless machines and it can't see the rest of the network for some reason. I have tried removing and readding the computer to the workgroup. I have also checked the subnet mask to make sure it matches the rest of the network.

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Depending on which machine you're using to add the printer,

this is quite normal. You'll need to add the printer from the computer that is acting
as the "host". On a typical home system, this is the one that is hooked up to the
wireless access point via network cable, or hooked up to the combo DSL modem/
wireless AP. From this system, you can set permissions as far as file and printer
sharing for the other computers on the network. Add the printer on this machine,
then click the check box to enable sharing on the printer.
Other members might have a different method, but this has worked for me in the past. So, you might have better luck posting to the "Q&A" section, the
Questions & Answers. This section is reserved for discussions.
Good luck!

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Also you may need to alter the setup of your WiFi Access Point

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to wireless computer can not ...

Many WiFi Enabled Routers/Modems come standard with the WiFi and Wired Lan's isolated from each other and you need to bridge them in the Devices Setup.

Ideally you should repost this to the Q&A side of TR as those who haunt that side are far more knowledgeable on these things than those who haunt the Discussion Side of the Forum.


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