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Wireless Conectivity Problem with Oracle

By rs_vivek ·
Hi All!,
I have a wireless network connecting with a Oracle server.I have nearly 10 systems located around 500 meters within the range of the oracle server.I am using 3 Access Points(D-Link 1700) connected in three buildings in which all the systems including the server is located. All are around 500 mtrs.THE PROBLEM is, when I start pinging the oracle server from any of the system, I am getting the reply for 20 secs only after the I am getting RTO from the oracle server. When I start ping the server from other system it starts pinging only for 15 to 20 secs after RTO is coming.
I have configured one AP as Ap and other two as AP Clients.
Can any one please tell me where is the exact problem is?

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by rob.mcewan In reply to Wireless Conectivity Prob ...

Not sure what you mean by RTO, however I'd start my making sure the server responded correctly form a wired client. Move on to trouble shoot the wireless network after you have confirmed that a PC on the same physical network, with an IP address in the same range and with the same default route as the access point can ping the server correctly.

Once this is confirmed then we can explore the wireless network for issues.

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by rs_vivek In reply to Wireless Conectivity Prob ...

RTO is Requested Timed out and I am having no wired connectivity we are having only wirless connecitvity in between all the systems.

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by hozcanhan In reply to Wireless Conectivity Prob ...

if you have problems with ping wait when you "draw heavy data " on the wireless link . Again RTO . Sure check a wired connection to your oracle server by using iperf.exe not ping !!! see your bandwith . If that is ok , then you need to increase the gain of the APs. Primarly the root AP . Remove the duck ( patch ) antennae and put in professional high gain antennae with proper pigtails to elevate the antennae. Do the same with AP clients' antenna as well . If you still have problems , use a different brand ( cisco 1310 ) with more power ...100mW or do a differnt design . HOW ? connect the buildings from rooftops using wireless in bridging mode . Using cross cable connect APs( in AP mode ) to the bridges ...An extra of 3 more Dlinks. Don't use same SSID for Aps and Bridges. Good luck .

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