Wireless configuration - 2wire 2701hg-b router and a Netgear WN111 v102

By saijobe ·
I need help, my wireless is card is Netgear WN111 v102 and the router is 2wire 2701hg- b. These 2 devices will not connect. How can I make my wireless card connect to the 2wire router

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Quite easy actually

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless configuration - ...

First thing is you need to setup the WiFi Access point so plug in the CAT5 Cable that came with the Netgear device and run the Setup Utility.

When you only see the Success word highlighted you can close the Web Browser and disconnect the CAT5 Cable and then open the Computers WiFi Setup Wizard and run the Wireless setup procedure to establish the WiFi Connection.

You have to setup the Router first however and you need to do this over a wire.


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by saijobe In reply to Quite easy actually

Sorry, I should have been more specific with my question. it see the network, I get a 100% signal strength but then status is limited or no connectivity. There must be something wrong with the connfiguration. Any assistance will be highly appreciated, I have been trying to fix this for weeks, my isp cant help me with it, dell want me to pay over $100 becuase since its see the network it beyond warranty support.

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Yep that is correct and what should be happening

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to SEES THE NETWORK BUT NO I ...

With a New one of these.

It needs to be setup to accept a Signal from the ISP and you need to do this at the Router with a Hard Wired Connection. Sometimes a Wireless Connection may work but most times it is not suitable to configure the Modem.

Assuming that you have correctly installed the ADSL Filters on all Phone Lines and at the one where there is the Modem have the wires tot he correct sockets in the Filter you then need to open the Install Procedure on the CD supplied with the unit and setup the Modem and then power off and wait a few seconds when prompted and power back on. After the unit boots you will see activity on the ADSL LED. Then you finish the setup procedure by configuring the Wireless Connection.

I'm guessing that you are missing setting the ISP part of the Setup Procedure.


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