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Wireless connect internet failed.

By rtw213gino ·
I got one desk top and laptop. Both connect to my Access Point through wireless. They used to work fine. Recently, my laptop can not connect to internet. While my desk top still works fine. The laptop connect to AP and the signal is good. However, I can not access internet service. The received package always 0. I check the drive of wireless card is normal. And try to verify all possible configuration of related setting but seems no use. My OS is XP. How do I check it out. Someone can advise. Thanks in advance.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wireless connect internet ...

In this case is it that you can not connect to the Internet or just that you can not open a IE or Mail Browser and get a page to display or collect E-Mail/

For instance can you update your AV & Spy Ware products?

If you can the most likely thing that has happened is that something has gone wrong with the WiFi setup. I ran into this earlier this week and for some reason mainly out of desperation I ran the Network Setup Wizard and it worked correctly after that. I'm still not sure what the user had done to this NB or why running the Network Setup Wizard again cured the problem but it's working and I'm not complaining.

If you can get no connection to the WiFi access point at all I would be looking at the WiFi card in the NB as the culprit. This could be either a software problem where a MS Patch has broken the Driver for the WiFi device or the device could have failed. I would first try removing the existing drivers and reloading if it was caused by a MS Patch that should cure your problem as some patches can do strange things and a WiFi software isn't any different to any other app.

If you can try the WiFi card in another NB to see if it's working provided it's not an internal device that would help no end as you would have a starting point.

The only other thing that I've ever seen is with internal WiFi cards the aerial sometimes comes off or for some reason gets damaged and needs replacing but this isn't common I've seen a few Aerial leads come off the card and I've only had to replace 1 aerial.


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by rtw213gino In reply to

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You are right. I tune the network setup. Though the setup procedure as the same as I did before. Just did it again. Then it is working.

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by rtw213gino In reply to Wireless connect internet ...

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