Wireless connected but no internet and not showing on network.....

By csimpson ·
Hi folks and thanks in advance for any help on this issue!

I'm sure there's a perfectly simple solution but for some reason it's evading me!!!!!

I have a dell inspiron 6400 notebook which i'm connecting to our corp network. notebook says it's connected to our wireless network, all wep info has been successfully entered etc... Our router does not run dhcp and i've allocated the notebook with suitable ip address, subnet mask, gateway and dns info.

HOWEVER, the notebook will not connect to the internet and cannot be pinged/or ping anything on the network.

I've made sure the firewall on the notebook is off as i've known this sometimes to conflict with the firewall on our router.

i'm at a loss on this one, i've got so much going on at the minute i think it's probably making me miss the easy solution!!!!!!

Anyway, hope someone can help with a speedy fix,


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Things i would double check

by DaveDXB In reply to Wireless connected but no ...

-You have connection, but no Internet. Check DNS. No proper DNS, no Internet :)

-If you cant ping server IP address or ANYTHING else. Most probably a firewall issue on your laptop or on server.

-Try pinging www.$$$$.com from command prompt. Start > Run > cmd

If you get a reply from the website, that means your Internet is working but something wrong with the browser.Probably settings.

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resolved, don't ask me what was up!!!

by csimpson In reply to Things i would double che ...

Thanks for your reply, b ut sorry I had already got it fixed!

Still don't know what or why the problem occurred, however to fix it, all i did was hard wire the notebook to the lan, establish that that was working, unplug the lan and reboot and bobs your uncle, wireless was working perfectly!!!!!

no changes were made to the ip/subnet/dns settings which i had already entered!

if anyone has any ideas as to why this issue occurred in the first place, i'd be glad to hear!

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I had similar thing

by asalive In reply to resolved, don't ask me wh ...

I am going to guess that you wifi is connectin you to a domain. I had to do the same thing with my corp laptop...the issue for me ended up being that i was not connecting to the wifi quick enough for credintials to be accepted. when i change my password, i have to connect once with a hardwire connection and everything is fine...until the next time i have to change my password.

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Is your issue fixed

by Wireless Gateway In reply to Wireless connected but no ...

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