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    Wireless connection


    by julieodonnell ·

    Hi- I just bought a new Sony laptop but cannot connect to my wireless connection at home. I have another laptop which is connecting perfectly using a PC card. When I go into network connections and wireless connections, my wireless connection is there and correctly named.However when I click connect and enter the security key it responds stating that it is connected to the wireless router with limited connectivity but cannot connect to the net. Have tried various things and troubleshooting tips with no success. I have called NTL (b/b provider) but they’ve been the opposite of helpfull!

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      by julieodonnell ·

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      did you try

      by triathlete1981 ·

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      going into the router, changing the security settings to something like wep and recreating the key?

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        by julieodonnell ·

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        A few things I’ve come across are set to WEP. How do I go into the router?

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          Accessing your Router

          by webjunkie1996 ·

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          Using a computer that can connect to the internet you need to connect to your gateway #.

          Start > Run > cmd > ipconfig /all
          you will get your gateway #

          You will see ip#
          Subnet maskt #
          Ip gateway#

          then go to your browser window and type in the address of when you arrive you will be asked for your login name and password.

          Generally you by pass the login name and type in admin for your pw, this will take you to your settings etc.

          Your WEP key will be listed under security. There will be 4 access keys. Write them all down, use the one that let’s you on.

          This is a general overview, hope this helps!

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