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Wireless connection doesnt work

By usmleistough ·
Hi i have a Linksys Wireless Adapter 802.11g, i am using it in the lib of my univ. and it shows that i have connected to the wireless access point, it lets me log in using my username and password, but after that it does not let me browse the internet, i cna ping address, it gives me the entire packet history and all show that they went through. Occasionally it let me browse everything but then it stops again, and if i log out and re-log in then it takes me to a address which shows some and a 10 digit number shows up in the IE browser.
I am do frustrated with this please advice how i can fix this problem.

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by willcomp In reply to Wireless connection doesn ...

What is your OS?

Can you ping an external IP address or URL?

Ping and let us know results.

Can you access internet from other locations?

I'm thinking a DNS problem, but need more information.


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by ReWrite In reply to Wireless connection doesn ...

Is the card compatible with the wireless access point? What does your network admin say?



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by usmleistough In reply to Wireless connection doesn ...

yes the card can access the access point and its says that i am connected to the Wireless Netwrok but does not let me browse further.

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by usmleistough In reply to Wireless connection doesn ...

So basically this is the problem that occurs, the connection to the wireless network is good, i can log on to the network and then i cannot browse the internet from there on, i can ping the IP address and the URl of several sites without losing any packets. I can also connect and browse the internet at home with another network without problems but only when i use the comp and linksys adapter here in the university it gives me a problem.
It is a Sony GRX 550 notebook, OS is XP Home Edition, Wireless Adapter is Linksys 802.11b, the other issue it that i have reinstalled the OS a couple of times in the past 3months, i also used the WinXPSockFIx program to fix the registrty. I cannot figure out what and why is this happening.
Please advice.

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by wlbowers In reply to Wireless connection doesn ...

Have you dissabled any firewall that might be running.

Also check for updates for the wireless adapter, firmware and software.


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Linksys adapter

by q570baws96f2lzh In reply to

I have a linksys adapter as well i have recently found that there is a conflict between the linksys software and the wireless xp software, this might be your problem. i have not found a good solution as of yet. but you could try disabling the linksys software, and just using the xp software to see if it helps

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