wireless connection issue

By blueisle7 ·
I have a Gateway 400VTX (about 6 yrs old) and it came with an ORINOCO mini PC card. I purchased a Linksys WRT110 router and cannot get it to work. I can see the wireless network, but when I click to connect, it just hangs with the message "waiting for the network". Never connects. I have started from scratch several times with no luck. I can connect to an unsecured wireless network in my neighborhood with no problem. Could it be the PC card is incompatible with the router? Can't find anything via the web to verify this or not.

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More info would be nice

by IC-IT In reply to wireless connection issue

How have you configured the TCP/IP and DNS settings?
Have you tried to connect without any security in place?
Have you configured the card to use the right Gateway?
Does an ethernet connection work?

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linksys config

by blueisle7 In reply to More info would be nice

TCP/IP obtain IP address automatically and same for DNS server address.
Not sure how to configure the card to use the right Gateway. I can connect to the internet if I have the ethernet cable connected to the wireless router.

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Is your router compatable

by rprzybylow In reply to wireless connection issue

Does your router support IEEE 802.11b?

I think that one does, My first recommendation would be find a better brand. My 2nd will be to; With the power still connected press and hole the reset button on the back for 60 seconds, this will reset the router to in's factory settings. Plug your computer directly in to any one of the five ports on your router. Open your Browser of choice. Enter in your address bar. leave name blank and enter admin for pass word. Now you will need to set up your router again. On you wireless tab make sure you are using wpa2 Make your pass phrase is easy to remember. Click save after every thing you do, routers are touchy. If you Plan to do 5 processes save after each separate process. You need to be ob a mixed too. I hope this helps you.

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by blueisle7 In reply to Is your router compatable

yes, it's compatible. I've already tried the reset process. I'll try it again. Thanks!

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A few things

by matthew.balthrop In reply to router

If using windows i would open a command prompt and try pinging just to ensure you are able to communicate with the router. The first thing that comes to mind is compatability issues, but if you have ruled that out it's hard to tell. Have you tried using another computer, or someone else's wireless to connect to your wireless? Trying to get someone else to access your network would narrow down whether it is a problem with your router, or with your computer. Another thing you could attempt if you are comfortable with tunneling into your router is to drop the security, and attempt to connect with no security. If you are able to, the you can worry about re-applying security. If you cannot connect re-apply security anyways.


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do u realize wat u said?

by computechdan In reply to Is your router compatable

this computer and the card that came in it are 6 years old

wpa2 MAY have been around then, but it is very likely his card will not support it

a much better plan would be to try to connect without any security first, then after sucessefully connecting attempt secure connections, starting with plain ole WEP using a 10 digit number n workin up from there

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yes, I know it's 6 yrs old

by blueisle7 In reply to do u realize wat u said?

I started from scratch, reset the router and was able to connect without the security enabled. When I tried to enable security, WEP, that's when I had problems. So you're saying the best thing to do it buy a new PC card?

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I would suggest.....

by ---TK--- In reply to wireless connection issue

Switching the channels on the router. If there are other devices in the area on the same channel this would cause interference, and you would get this symptom...

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by Snuffy09 In reply to wireless connection issue

try to turn off the security of the router and see if you can connect.

If you can then try turinging on WEP and seeing if you can.

Your card may not support anything higher than wep

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