Wireless Connection problems

By foxlinkinc ·
I have been given an Anyka PC703 wireless netbook but am having difficulty with the wireless feature.
The unit can find wireless routers and says it is authenticated to them but when you attempt an internet connection all you get is "Cannot find server or DNS error"
When I go into the system I have found the following:

IP Information


Address Type DHCP
IP Address
Subnet mask
Default Gateway

Physical Address 00 21 19 9C C9 9A
IP address
Subnet mask
Default Gateway
DHCP Server
Lease obtained 3/28/2009 10:54:02
Lease Expires 3/28/2009 10:54:02
DNS Servers

WINS Servers

IPV6 Information

Default Gateway Not Available
Global Not Available
Site Local Not Available
Link Local fe80::221:19ff:fe9c:c99a%6
6to4 Not Available
Auto Tunnel Not Available
Auto Tunnel 2 Not Available
Auto Tunnel 3 fe80::5efe:169:254:61:21%2

The wireless says it is authenticated to the wireless router and the wireless icon on the task bar is lit but the internet icon remains crossed out.
I have tried to connect on 4 wireless networks, two WEP/WPA secured and two open and even after rechecking that all passwords/keys are entered correctly I get the same response.
We took the item back to the store who sold it and were told it connected to the internet wirelessly through their system, (although we did not witness this in operation!!) so they refused to refund/replace.
I CAN connect to the internet if I use a wired connection but that sort of defeats the idea of a wireless netbook.
Any advice gratefully accepted.

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Does the AP have Mac filtering enabled

by markp24 In reply to Wireless Connection probl ...


I see you are not getting an IP address assigned to you (the 169.254.x.x) are self generated addresses. Does the router have the DHCP service setup correctly? (enabled?) Another item that can cause this is if MAC filtering is enabled and you system is not on that list.

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Some devices do not play well with DHCP

by robo_dev In reply to Wireless Connection probl ...

I have found that some things, like the Nintendo DS game console simply act flaky when it comes to DHCP, so the only way to make it work reliably is to assign a static IP address to the device.

I believe that device runs Windows CE and uses the Ralink RT3070 Chipset.

Here are others with the same problem:

Some access points will show the speed at which the client connected as well as the signal strength. One possibility is that the internal antenna is not connected to the WLAN card. Often you see things work 'half-way' when a device can receive packets, but not transmit very well.

If it were my device I would start looking for the Ralink CE WLAN drivers and also open up the device, re-seat the WLAN adapter, and make sure internal antenna is connected. Plan B would be to swap out the internal WLAN adapter.

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