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By colinabent ·
I'm having an issue with my internet connection; everything was dandy until last week when I re-installed Windows XP. Now, there is a wireless connection, I've checked with the provider and the connection is strong. The problem is that after about 5 minutes, the connectivity drops out. Going to the wireless connection properties 2 or 3 times seems to solve the issue... for about 5 minutes. I'm on a desktop computer that's set up across the room from the router. The software that came with my wireless card overrides the Windows configuration, but that's easily fixable by selecting the "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings", although I've been having some difficulty keeping that selected. Last night I changed a setting on the wireless zero configuration and that seemed to set everything right, but this morning when I turned on my computer, there was no connection and I wasn't able to get into the wireless settings of the connection properties until I restarted the computer (about 3 times). Now I'm back at the same point I was when I reformatted.

What might be the issue?

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Sorry to offend you but what might be the issue is...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wireless connection quest ...

That you are messing around with settings that don't like being fiddled with.

Firstly, since the reinstall, has your computer been connected to your router by cable? It must have been connected by cable to start with the last time. Have you re-done this, this time?

Unless you connect via cable, the ISP software won't register properly with the wireless router.

If you are wanting to use the ISP software, why have you reverted to "Use Windows to configure my wireless settings"? Moreover, if you have elected to allow Windows to manage the wireless connection, you shouldn't be altering the wireless zero configuration.

Also, if Windows is in charge of the wireless connection, you shouldn't have the ISP software installed - it can only lead to system conflicts.

Can you tell us what type of computer and what OS you are using?

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by colinabent In reply to Sorry to offend you but w ...

I have a Windows XP on a custom made computer. I've set it up the exact same as with previous reformats, cables and all. I got in touch with the service provider and they suggested altering some configurations with Wireless Zero Configuation. And it worked... until I restarted the computer. Also, the third party software was that of the wireless card manufacturer, and I wanted to use Windows. I've uninstalled the third-party software, so I'm using Windows.

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Turn off 802.1x in advanced settings

by robo_dev In reply to Wireless connection quest ...

What kind of wlan adapter are you using?

There is a setting in the WLAN setup which says 'use 802.1x for authentication'...this should be disabled, or the connection may drop over and over.

It seems that USB adapters tend to be flakiest...I've found that some USB adapters have real weird problems with power management.

So, for example, I've got a Belkin USB adapter that will stop working if the PC wakes up from suspend mode. But if you just unplug/replug the adapter, it comes back.

Also, look closely at the power management settings in Windows control panel....there is a setting for the network adapter which says something like 'enable power management for this interface'. There are also power settings for the wireless adapter itself.

The bottom line is that some WLAN adapters are flaky, their software can be flaky, and power management settings bring out the flakiness.

One thing that may help would be to make sure your PC bios is up-to-date. A flaky bios may be doing something like powering off USB ports.

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