Wireless connection suddenly slow except right beside router

By ScarlettAL ·
We have a Linksys wireless router in the office and a couple of wireless laptops and an Xbox using the wireless connection. These have all always connected extremely fast two or three rooms away, or even outside, until a couple of weeks ago when the modem (DSL) got reset when a storm came through. We set everything back up on the modem and the router, and could connect from two rooms away, but it was extremely slow. If both wireless laptops were connected, you
couldn't get to anything.

We've replaced the router with another Linksys and have tried a DLink, and have switched to cable modem. I've replaced the wireless card in the laptop running Win2k. We've changed the encryption around different ways, and even tried running with no security...all with the
same results. If we are right by the router, we get 100% strength and can surf super fast...but it drops to 30% or less if we move into another room. The Xbox can not even see the wireless network any longer.

Any ideas on what would be causing this suddenly?

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Replaced all hardware

by mjd420nova In reply to Wireless connection sudde ...

Still very slow after what sounds like all the hardware was replaced?? A storm you say?? Could be a line problem. storms willoften create bad connections, especially if induced by a nearby lightning srike.

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Wired OK

by ScarlettAL In reply to Replaced all hardware

When connected with a cat-5 wire, the connection is great. It's just the wireless that is having the problems.

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Could it be...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wireless connection sudde ...

That when you set it all back up again, you might have set the wireless channels to a different setting?

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Xbox Wireless

by ScarlettAL In reply to Wireless connection sudde ...

It seems it was the one piece of hardware we didn't replace/eliminate...the Xbox wireless.

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