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Wireless connection takes ages to connect after restart or wakeup on Windows 7

By cr4zyJ ·
For a long time now, around 3-4 months I have been banging my head against a brick wall as to why my laptop PC will take around 1 minute to connect to my wireless network either when it wakes up from sleep or restarted / powered on.

Eventually I decided to search on the downloads section for "virtual wifi not working windows 7", as I found out that there appears to be driver issues with the Microsoft Virtual Wifi Mini Adapter, and I came up with this:

Download and install that hotfix. Job done. Totally fixed the problem. Ignore people telling you to turn off things like power management for the adapter, formating and trying again, reinstalling wireless drivers and so on. This is a general big mess caused by Microsoft and the only reason it took this long to fix it is that this hotfix is not included as part of SP1 for Windows 7 and nor was it advertised anywhere that I could see. If I did not search the downloads on MS then I would still be scratching my head!

So to stop anyone else any more headaches or grief, try this out and see if it helps and let me know.

Please remember this is to specifically fix the annoyance of the following:

1. Wake up PC from sleep / power on PC / restart PC
2. Wireless connection either searching for a network for 1 min, red X displayed for 1 min, Yellow dot displayed for 1 min, all before finally connecting to your wireless network. Very annoying issue.
3. Finally your wireless connects to your network, but why does it take that long?
4. Who cares, Microsoft's fault. They have a fix, they did'nt tell you. I am telling you. Download the above hotfix.
5. Job done!

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