Wireless connection to a domain

By dkfuller ·
How do I connect a wireless laptop to a domain? I have connectivity with wireless as I can see all computers on the network but I can't join the domain.

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First thing is you need to speak to the System Admin

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless connection to a ...

And find out how the Domain is configured and what Security is in place to prevent unauthorised computers joining the System and stealing Data.

Once you know this and the System Admin has given permission to access the Domain they will configure their system to allow you access.


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Add computer to domain

by dkfuller In reply to Wireless connection to a ...

I have admin rights on both the server and the laptop. Do I have to create an account for the laptop in Add Computers and Users?
Where do I look to see what access wireless can have on the server?

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Do you mean like a toggle switch to join the domain???

by w2ktechman In reply to Wireless connection to a ...

LOL -- that was a good one..

Ok, first, is the wireless network part of the domain?
If so, is your computer part of the domain (was a computer account created on the domain for your system?
If so, are you logged on with a domain user account or a local user account?

The wireless is just a network extension that does not use wires. So, if you work fine plugged in, you should work fine if you can communicate through wi-fi.

However, some wi-fi networks need special credentials to log in properly to, such as a digital certificate, VPN, passcode, or smart card.

Please send more details as to what exactly you are trying to do, and as much as you can about the setup

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Laptop joining a domain

by dkfuller In reply to Do you mean like a toggle ...

I have been able to connect with cat5 cable to the domain so thats all ok. It must have made a computer account when I connected to the domain.

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