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Wireless connections intermittent

By Diego ·
I am using a laptop with windows xp pro and connect to my wireless g network using the integrated Intel Pro/wireless 2200bg. It's been working flawlessly for over a year now, and now recently the connection has become intermittent. my other computers which also use the wlan dont have this problem. I've been trying a few things i can think of like upgrading the laptop's drivers but need a few more ideas of what could be the cause.

I use a linksys WRT54GS configured with a 64bit WEP key for security.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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A few ideas

by iteration84 In reply to Wireless connections inte ...

First thought.. any new cordless phones you put near your router recently? I had a huge problem, the same one you're having, and that turned out to be about 80% of the problem. The other problems were that I was running the router on the same channel as every neighbor near me, so I switched it to channel 1. Normally, channel 1 isn't recommended for reasons I don't know, but it's working fine for me. The third problem was that I found a couple foreign MAC addresses piggybacking on my network when I checked my logs, so I quickly enacted a "permit only" MAC address filter. I also *highly* recommend you switch to WPA-TKIP. WEP is way, way, way too easily crackable. Hope this helps. Take care, and good luck.

Edit: WPA is stronger than WEP in general, and TKIP encrypts every single packet. It's pretty robust. Soon, however, I'll be updating my router firmware so I can use WPA2. I know it sounds like WPA-TKIP would slow down your network, but it doesn't. If anything, in your case, it would speed up performance.

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