Wireless Connectivity Issue

By brandon_kirkpatrick ·
Two Windows XP boxes, both using external Wireless Ateneas/NICs connected via USB(Identical Machines, HP I believe).

Linsys WAP, connected to netgear switch, which runs into an SG router(Our VPN router we put in place).
Both computers can access the wireless lan, but one will not load any web pages. The one that cannot load web pages can do the following:
recieve email
Remote desktop Sessions
Ping internal addresses
Ping External Addresses ( etc)

I have tried using firefox instead, no luck. Checked the Interent options for any abnormalties, disabled firewall, and made sure it was no third party security solution.

I swapped the anteneas and both computers behave the same way. The one that was unable to load web pages still couldn't, but it could still do email, RDP, etc. (Same as before)

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DNS issues

by robo_dev In reply to Wireless Connectivity Iss ...

Some malware/viruses will hijack your DNS settings and actually hard-code their DNS settings in the PC.

From the command prompt, run a NSlookup on each machine, and i suspect the result will be very different from the working pc to the non-working one.

(e.g. nslookup )

The fix may be to do a TCP/IP stack reset

Make sure no proxy settings are set within firefox or IE.

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