wireless data card on a monthly schedule

By dennis ·
does anyone know of a wireless service provider who bills monthly on an aircard? All I see is one year and two year committments. No empathy I can find for those of us that get canned or business that go down.


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by LarryD4 In reply to wireless data card on a m ...

AT&T have the go phones that are based on a monthly contract and I'm pretty sure that VerizonWireless have similar offers.


My bad didn't read the post, your looking for monthly data access.

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by LarryD4 In reply to ATT

Nextel Data Access Plans
Nextel's newest wireless Internet connection service makes it even easier for you to tap into the Nextel National Network for your data needs.
Simply choose whether or not you need a private IP address (standard) or a public IP address (available as a buy-up option), then select the plan that best matches your online usage.
With Unlimited Data Access Plans, you still get the ability to access online Java applications, surf the Net, or interact with behind-the-firewall corporate applications, plus these benefits:
Fast and easy to use. It takes only a few seconds to start a Web browsing session.
No dial-up required. Just click the Nextel network connection icon and you're online in seconds. You can even receive incoming calls while online.
Use your existing applications. Use the same email, browser, and other web-enabled applications that are available to you in the office. Works especially well with various Wireless Business Solutions and third-party applications.
Not sure if you need a private or public IP address? Here's an overview:
A private IP address supports Web browsing, email access, most Java applications, and many Wireless Business Solutions applications.
A public IP address ? required for some Wireless Business Solutions and other specialized applications ? is available for an additional $3.00.
What You'll Need
An internet ready phone, modem or other Sprint-approved Nextel device
A Wireless Business Solution or 3rd Party application
2MB Data Access Plan - $8.50 flat monthly fee (overage charge of $0.001 per KB).
5 MB Data Access Plan - $11.50 flat monthly fee (overage charge of $0.001 per KB)
10 MB Data Access Plan - $16.50 flat monthly fee.
Unlimited Data Access Plan - $10.00 flat monthly fee.
Add $3 per month for a public IP address.

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by ---TK--- In reply to wireless data card on a m ...

They are month to month.... but they might not be available in your area...

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Check out

by mschenkel In reply to wireless data card on a m ...

Yes, check out Rovair ( ).

You can rent an aircard from them for any time range. They also have a service called "Rovair On-Demand" in which you use your own aircard but just activate it when you need it using one of their wireless accounts. This is a "On-Demand" type service.

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