Wireless DHCP on SBS twin homed system

By shop ·

I have a sbs2003 sp1 server, and a draytek 2800 wireless router.

I can connect successfully to the wireless router, as seen in the station list as connected, whoever i am not getting a dhcp assign IP address to the wireless client.

I have setup dhcp on the server to accept requests from both networks and
the first is the server network, and the second is the WAN facing NIC

Any ideas apart from removing the second Nic would be helpfull

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Explain your topology please

by robo_dev In reply to Wireless DHCP on SBS twin ...

Are the two networks separate physically or logically (VLAN)?

In other words, what is the path between the DHCP client and the DHCP server?

DHCP is a broadcast-based protocol, and both the client and the server need to be in the same broadcast domain (eg connected to the same switch), or can get there through DHCP relay (e.g. a helper address on a router between two VLANs).

Are you multinetting?

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by shop In reply to Explain your topology ple ...

Ok, the nics are on the server, one is at, WAN side and Lan Side

The wireless router is on with DHCP off
DHCP runs from the sbs server that these network cards are in.

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A picture is worth a thousand words....

by robo_dev In reply to Topology

is the server using the wireless router to get to the internet, or is the router being used on the lan side to connect your wireless device?

eg: router---internet

or is the wireless router being used on the lan side of the network?

If so, then is the server connected to the LAN or WAN port of the wireless router?

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