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Wireless dialup modem?

By gralfus ·
Is there such a thing as a dialup modem that sits attached to the phone line, and is connected to via wireless? I had a guy ask me about this because he wants to use his laptop wirelessly, but only has dialup internet. I hadn't seen this and didn't find much in a search.

I would assume that because you can attach a modem via serial that it wouldn't be a big jump to do this.

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fit in your expansion slots

by jdclyde In reply to Wireless dialup modem?

They make a card, about the size of a wifi card, but it is a cell phone for your laptop.

Nextell has one, as well as a few other vendors.

Need to have service like a cell phone, and most run around $250 for the card.

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You could make this work.

by tbragsda In reply to Wireless dialup modem?

With a combo of WAP, ICS on a desktop, or other router running on a PC with a modem. Depends on how much trouble your willing to go through. Is it a cost issue?

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Yep, cost issue

by gralfus In reply to You could make this work.

He is on a very limited personal budget, so his options are few. Otherwise I'd advise him to go with DSL or cable.

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Slashdot marketplace link

by jtowner In reply to Wireless dialup modem?
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Very Groovy!

by gralfus In reply to Slashdot marketplace link

Thanks, I think that is what he is after.

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Good call....

by cp7212 In reply to Slashdot marketplace link

I just saw this device in PCWorld last night. It looks a little pricey for conveying dial-up, but it is the only device I have seen for an easy setup for a dial-up modem. Or any device for wireless/dial-up, for that matter.

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Is it really worth it?

by Synthetic In reply to checkout this link

Cost, implementation, and in the end, a shared dial-up. Unless your running 3.11 and do nothing more than BBS, is it really worth it? A shared dial-up connection as a selling point? Sorry, that one still remains a hard one to swallow.

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Don't get me wrong...

by Synthetic In reply to checkout this link's quite nifty, but some mountains, even though they are there to be climbed, really don't need us on top of them. And for those who keep a dial-up as back-up, or are still so out of the grid that dial-up is the only option, seems a great product. However, for those of us who can afforde and have broadband available, or at the very least a starbucks, or any other chain coffee house with free WI-FI, then seems to little to late.

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I know what you're saying...

by cp7212 In reply to Don't get me wrong...

I know what you're saying, but I just answer the questions. I treat the questions like the engineers that are where I work. They ask, I answer, and whatever happens past that point, is their business. It simplifies things.

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