Wireless Dialup

By jweber ·
My sister lives in the country and has no access to broadband (she uses a dialup connection) but would like to connect to the internet with her wireless laptop. Is there any product out there that would allow this? I know there used to be a unit called Wiflyer but I can't find a source for it. Any ideas for an easy/not-too-technical soultion would be appreciated.

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Well there are limited options and the WiFi Card

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless Dialup

In the NB isn't the answer here. With the advent of the 3G Ceil Phone Network there is a product called Wireless Broadband available which utilizes the 3G Phone Network to allow High Speed Internet connections. So if your sister has 3G coverage where she lives she has access tot he 3G Phone Network and can use this option for an Internet Connection.

She'll have to find a ISP who supports the 3G Wireless Broadband and the NB will require either a PCMCIA Wireless Broadband Card or a USB Device that does the same thing. If she has an option tell her to get the PCMCIA Plug In Card as it works better than a USB Dongle which can show a good signal but still fail to connect to the Internet. Most of the Phone Companies who support the 3G Network can offer a plan for this.

From past experience several customers have been unable to get a working Wireless Broadband signal while 25 feet from the Relay Tower in some areas but if they use a PCMCIA Card the unit works better with Faster connections and fewer errors being reported. The only advantage of the USB Dongle is it's cheaper than the PCMCIA Card but it's not as effective.

The only way to use the NB's WiFi Card is to shove the NB into the car and drive around till she finds a Open WiFi Access Point and then Steal the Connection. Naturally if she is caught she'll end up with some sort of Criminal Record and she'll have to travel a fair distance looking for a Wireless Hot Spot. The 802.11 Wireless Technology has very limited range and at best it can only broadcast 500 Meters over an open space it's considerably smaller if there are walls or buildings in the way.


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Couple of options

by IC-IT In reply to Wireless Dialup

Here is a nice little read; It explains how to do this with a router that has a RS232 port.
If you follow the links to Amazon, they can look for the WiFlyer and ship it if found.

Click on the link to "Request this item from another seller."

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Wireless Dialup

by jweber In reply to Couple of options

Thanks for the post. Very helpful. I will definately look into these options.

Thanks again.

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Wireless DSL

by TheChas In reply to Wireless Dialup

She might also want to check with the companies that provide cell phone service to the area. Many now offer what can be described as wireless DSL using the cell phone towers and a USB transceiver to deliver near DSL speeds across the country.

Depending on the carrier, these plans start at $50 (US).


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