Wireless disconnects frequently when using VPN

By peter.liu ·
I use Cisco VPN on a laptop (Dell Latitude D610) to connect to company network from home. Without connecting to VPN, the wireless (Intel 2200BG) connects fine. Whenever I connects to company network with VPN and start working (using web tools and FTP), it disconnects every couple of minutes. Then it would auto-connects but my VPN is disconnected. I would have to reconnect. If I don't do anything relating to VPN, the connection stays on. If I connect the internet on cable, it's fine. Unfortunately, my cable connection is in the basement which very cold in the winter.

Any solutions??


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Well the obvious thing is that you have a Hardware

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wireless disconnects freq ...

Conflict occurring when using the VPN Wireless. So I would start off by looking at the setup of the CISCO unit at your home.

As you can do other things without problems with the WiFi that tends to rule out Signal Interference from other Wireless devices so your only option left is how the Device that you Access the Internet with is configured.


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Driver Conflict

by cyberpsych1 In reply to Well the obvious thing is ...

Concur with Hal on it possibly being hardware issue...

There's a chance the wireless chipset is conflicting although you can use it freely with any other connection.


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Same thing happened to me

by fletchert In reply to Wireless disconnects freq ...

The same thing happened to me. I eas using a Netgear wirless WPN824 which worked fine until I connect to the office via Cisco VPN. It would disconnect every 5 or 10 minutes and I had to recycle power to get the router to function again. Taking the router out of the loop and wiring directly to the caple modem worked fine but then no one else could use the network.
I replaced the netgear with a Belkin Pre N router and now the VPN connection is stable but the bandwidth SUCKS! (0.2Mb/s) I'm still working on a solution.

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Same thing happened to me as well

by sandaleo In reply to Wireless disconnects freq ...

I even bought a new Linksys router with no change. Wired works fine but VPN dies on wireless. I understand that once you connect via VPN, the internet is set to tunnel through the VPN, not your connection. I wonder if firewalls might cause an issue.

What kind of setting is necessary on the wireless router to accomodate for this?

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