Wireless download slowed - upload unchanged

By andrewpull ·
I recently set up a wireless connection using WPA2, and ran some speed tests. Going through the same router (WRT54G), I got these results:

Hard-wired: 5.44Mbps/4.62Mbps
Wireless: 1.84Mbps/4.59Mbps

I can't find anything that might indicate why the download speed would be so slow on wireless, while the upload speed remains unchanged.

Any thoughts?

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What type of WiFi connection do you have?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless download slowed ...

Is it .11B G or what? That letter at the end indicates the speed of the WiFi connection which is always slower than a hardwired connection. B is also slower than the newest G connection and remember that with any WiFi you need to look at both ends the Receiving computer end and the WiFi Access Point.

So in this case you need to look at the computer end to see what is involved in that WiFi card.


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Both running G

by andrewpull In reply to What type of WiFi connect ...

Both ends are running G, and as I said, the same wireless connection is kicking an UPLOAD speed of 4+Mbps, so I know it's not a capacity issue.

(Also, even .11b should support 5Mbps, shouldn't it?)

My wireless utility also shows that it's not an interference problem. There's got to be some sort of capping going on somewhere.

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