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Wireless email on the PDA

By madroxxx ·
I would like to hear peoples thought on wireless email solutions for PDA's. What are your people using? Is it working well? Would you recommend it?

We currently use Ipaq Pocket PC's and have experimented with a couple of providers and I just havenot been impressed. The coverage areas aren't great and the speeds are poor.

I would love to hear from some people with success stories.

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re: Wireless email on the PDA

by Vypre In reply to Wireless email on the PDA

I have had a lot of experience with this one. For my work I was involved in a mobile office project.

This was to investigate giving our staff access to corporate infomation via the use of a PDA.

We purchased a Compaq iPAQ (with bluetooth) and an ericsson T39m mobile phone (with bluetooth) and connected the mobile phone up to the GPRS mobile phone network.

I was able to check email (POP client and web mail), surf the internet and use terminal services client to administer my terminal server remotely.

If there is any other info that I can provide please let me know.


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What service

by madroxxx In reply to re: Wireless email on the ...

What cellular service was the phone on?

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by omie In reply to Wireless email on the PDA

I used the compaq pocket pc with wireless and with network card. The performance of the wireless is not that great. Yup you could check your e-mail but to browse the internet the window was small that you have to scroll it in all four access not to mention the snail pace page refresh.
Don't get me wrong, I am using the PDA as an upgraded organizer... and as a tool to check network connection.

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