wireless email problems

By ainsliewaldron ·
I have changed from plugging in my cable to a wireless connection. Everything works EXCEPT my email connections. I can access all sites except my email ones. I can be taken to the login pages of hotmail and yahoo but when I type in my username and password I just get nothing or error messages. I have tried using alternative browsers to no avail- same result- all sites are available (even MSN messenger) except the email. I have tested on my laptop which has a totlally separate modem and link and the email is still accessible there. Any suggestions- its driving me mad.

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https sites blocked

by formerly In reply to wireless email problems

Most web-based email requires https (port 445)
Most of the rest of websites (like this one) use http: to connect (port 80)
Your ISP may have non-port80 ports blocked. This may or may have not have been done intentionally.

Alternatively, the problem may be on your PC. Do you have any third party firewall software installed? You want to make sure that it is disabled (and try to connect again) before you call your ISP for support.

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Thanks Pete..however

by ainsliewaldron In reply to https sites blocked

I was so happy to receive a reply. My ISP provider has not changed - it was I who bought and installed the wireless links to the existing modem. I called ISP and they said that they made no changes and can do nothing to help me- according to them I am all linked up to the internet which I know I am- I can access all sites except email ones. I have taken off all anti virus software and rebooted to no avail- still no email access. Any other suggestions?

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Check your security settings....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Thanks Pete..however

If cookies are not enabled, you can't enter the web based email pages.

Also, check to make sure you don't have Google or another toolbar with popup blocker kicking in to prevent you from entering the sites.

And, be SURE to reinstall your anti-virus software. It isn't safe to be connected, even for an instant, to the internet without protection.

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Thanks , however

by ainsliewaldron In reply to Check your security setti ...

I have quickly reinstalled antivirus- thanks for the reminder! I have checked the security and for pop up blockers to no avail. It could be something to do with the wireless setup. When I unplug the wireless and plug in the modem manually to the computer I can access email again. I don't want to have this cable runnning all across my house however! Any further suggestions? All suggestions very gratefully received by this very frustrated Australian! The wireless system I am using is D-Link and all internet connections are working well and fast with this except email. I have looked up other help sites and found that others have encoutered similar problems- ie everything OK except email when changed to wireless- (not sure what wireless set up they used) without any satisfactory answers.

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Can you open any secure sites?

by formerly In reply to Thanks Pete..however

Do any https sites open for you?
If your ISP uses a proxy, there may be a broken setting there.
On thing to do, to rule out (or rule in) your PC is to try a different computer, or boot to a "live cd" version of linux and see if you can get online with it. I just DL'ed puppy-linux and its small, fast, and easy to get online with the boot-live-cd version.

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Got it working

by ainsliewaldron In reply to https sites blocked

Thanks for all your instant and useful hints. Tried lots to little avail. Finally got it working yesterday. My daughters were able to access their email OK so I tried mine again and hey presto, it worked! No idea why, leaving it for a week seemed to part of the trick, and following others too. My gut feel tells me it was something that hotmail had in the address that was difficult, and once my daughters had entered their addresses- which were not the default address like mine was, then the problem was erased. Maybe just luck! Anyway thanks for the helpful and instant replies. Really appreciate the fact that you guys are there to help.

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