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    Wireless Fax, Credit Card, Security System


    by ohm.paul ·

    We currently run stores that deal with money, and one of our locations needs to run out of a location that has no land-line (telephone or broadband) available, so we are forced to run all of our services via wireless. The services we need are as follows: (phone, fax, internet, credit card terminal, security system)

    There is a public Wi-Fi network in the area, so that could technically be used for the internet, but the employee will be performing transactions on an SSL secured website, but from what I have heard, this is still not completely secure if on a public network.

    I was wondering if there would be a way to have one cellular line that could service the fax, credit card terminal, AND security system. Is there some sort of cellular hub that could be used for this where I would have one wireless signal being picked up by the hub, and then have multiple devices using that signal?

    Also, for internet, perhaps it would be better to use some sort of mobile broadband solution, but I am not sure if these connections are fast enough to do what we need (stream video at around 30Kb/s) when needed.

    Any help in discovering such a device (wireless cellular hub) or input on other options would be appreciated.

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      by ohm.paul ·

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      You only have one real alternative here

      by oh smeg ·

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      That is the Wireless Broadband on the 3G network. I’m currently unaware of any Hub Type Device being available but you can share a connection like this through a Computer acting as a Gateway for the internal network. Just don’t use a USB 3G Device as these are too slow for your requirements.

      You can use something like Skype for the Phone Network and have it linked into the 3G Connection with he correct hardware and you can stream Video over the link but I’m not sure if you can do this all at the same time as I feel that you would run into Bandwidth problems.

      The other thing here is the strength and quality of the 3G signal this may limit your ability as well to do the above.


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        DLink 3G router

        by ohm.paul ·

        In reply to You only have one real alternative here

        I found this product by D-link:

        it takes a 3G signal, and allows you to plug multiple devices into it, while also creating a wireless network. This would work to give internet access to our computer, fax could be done via email…this seems like a good possibility.

        About security, I would imagine that a 3G data connection is not as secure as a hard-wired LAN connection on a safe network, but is it secure enough to perform info-sensitive transactions online (through https sites)? I’ve read that sniffers can be used to get the unencrypted data before it is encrypted using SSL… is this a concern?

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          Well the 3G network is all Digital so that shouldn’t be a problem

          by oh smeg ·

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          But a WiFi Network internally would be the weakest point from a Security Prospective as that is a wide open area for Sniffers or whatnot to have a field day.

          Even with WPA2 running the sniffers could still lift the Data and do the shop damage.

          Is is out of the question to retain a Wired LAN inside the building. That would solve the speed problems with WiFi and still allow you access to the 3G network as well as preventing any Unauthorized outside access?

          All you would need to do is disable the WiFi side of the Router and you have a access point to the 3G Phone Network that is secure.

          If you have any Rules or other Security Protocols that you need to comply with to be Accredited a Wired LAN would most likely be the way to go here. As for using a WiFi LAN you would have to speak to the Insurance Company who covers the business to see if they will provide cover for any Credit Cards or Personal Information that gets stolen on a WiFi LAN.


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      This link might help you….

      by Anonymous ·

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      Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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