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Ok so i have two netgear wireless routers wndr3400 i have a secure private wifi hotspot and i want to create a guest network but when i enable the guess network i dont get internet access, but the secure one does. I dont have dchp turned on those acess points only static ip my question is will i need to enable dchp on those to get the guest access points to work?

The routers have static ip and point to my dchp server so computers get address from there vs the wireles routers.

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Request for Clarification

by robo_dev In reply to Clarifications

How do you get to the Internet?

Is the router used for the secure hostspot plugged into a cable modem or DSL modem of some sort?

What are you using as your DHCP server?

How are you separating the Guest network from the private network? Is this a separate subnet, and if so, what router is routing between the two networks?

In general, having multiple routers is not ideal, and of course having multiple DHCP servers will not work.

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