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By jsusulin ·
Dear Techrepublic,

I'm on a quest to setup a secure wireless access point with an ADSL connection (ADSL without router) for about 20+ laptops. what i need is a list of all hardwares besides the internet connectivity to make this happen. i would like the laptops to pickup the signal and it will reach the device's homepage and have users login with accounts & password inorder to surf the web.

all i know is: ADSL + Wireless G access point.

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by Also Ran In reply to Wireless hardware

Perhaps this is what you're looking for?


it sports WPA, stateful FW, 4 ethernet ports and a print server, 64 wireless users and vpn pass through.

Or you could find something very much like it, I expect all the manufacturers make an ADSL router with a similar spec. You can either use the wireless adapters built into the laptops, pcmcia adapter or a usb adapter. If the adapter is the same make as your router you generally gain from some sort of compatability.
Hope this helps.
Best Regards

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Wireless hardware

you simply want to set up your wap in 'bridge' mode. besides the laptop wireless cards you might need devices to reflect the signal around corners or boost the strength. if you can't get line of sight within couple hundred feet for all the users you'll need more than one access point. i'd also put the thing on a ups.
netgear, linksys, cisco websites are all good places. antenna websites are excellent places for info also

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

as far as authenitcation goes, your bridge mode wap will make all the laptops act just like they are wired into the network normally. so use the authentication and group policy's that already exist on your lan. the exact particulars will depend on your laptop os and the network os (that is, the server os, such as windows 2000 or active directory or workgroup)

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by markjenkins74 In reply to Wireless hardware


I would recommend one the wireless routers from Belkin, they are much more easier to setup and manage than the netgear products.

The software that comes with belkin routers, pretty much dose the work for you in setting up the router. It's really good software.

I set up lots of wireless networks on a daily basis, and I have never had any problems with belkin routers wired or wireless, and before you say it "No I do not work belkin"

I just give credit, where credit is due.

Check the web site http://www.belkin.com


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