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    Wireless help


    by ryaneades ·

    My home network is set up through Airport Express Base
    station. I
    have a Netgear Wireless router for my Windows PC that
    gets the
    signal from the Airport. My Mac OSx laptop connects
    right to the
    Airport Express Hub.

    I enabled WEP and now the Windows desktop won’t
    connect to the
    internet. My Mac OSx runs fine and connects to the
    internet. My
    Windows shows a strong signal and connectivity from the
    NetGear to
    the Airport on the Apple Network. When I load firefox
    browser it
    cannot find any name of the website I put in.

    In “Status” on the Windows I am sending but not receiving

    I can’t find anything about “authentication” or anything
    else I’ve read
    on here.



    Oh, one other thing, on my TCIP/IP on the Windows, my
    Default Gateway has disappeared, I don’t know what it is.
    The router cannot aquire the IP address automatically, so I
    entered the IP and the Subnet,, but I don’t
    know what the proper default gateway is.

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      by ryaneades ·

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      default gateway

      by jdfcomputer ·

      In reply to Wireless help

      try checking the network settings on the mac for the default gateway if is using..

      should be or something very similar


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        by ryaneades ·

        In reply to default gateway

        Thanks for the suggestion. I decided that I was annoyed and tired so I took off the WEP.

        Take care.

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