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Wireless High Speed Mode USB Adapter

By catsforus ·
I have just purchased a Belkin Wireless High Speed Mode USB Adapter Part # F5D7051uk. I originally set this up on my laptop using Windows XP Pro with no problems. I have since changed the operating system of this laptop to Win 2000 SP4.

My problem is this I cannot seem to get this to work on 2000. If I install it it all seem to go ok but if I check in network connections my local cable connection wants to use this device. If I check in the Wireless setup I only have infrared and the com ports as an option.

Any help with this would greatly be appreciated.

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by WorkForFood In reply to Wireless High Speed Mode ...

In W2K all network connections are listed as "Local Area Connection." Is your built-in card also listed there? If so, is it enabled/disabled? If there is a local area connection listing the Belkin card as a device, make sure it is enabled.

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by catsforus In reply to Wireless High Speed Mode ...

Yes it is listed and when I look I see it is sending data but not receiving any? I have also installed PPPoE as a service in my network settings. I have an ADSL Wi-Fi router. It also gives me an IP address. The funny thing is this does not seem to be coming from my router as the router on default is and the laptop IP is something like 165.x.x.52? I am now at a bit of a loss; I have downloaded the Belkin Drivers for Win 2000 and installed them. It shows the router and I have set it up in various ways using the wep key provided. I have tried giving the laptop a static IP with default gateway still no joy. I have tried pinging from both sides the laptop to router my desktop PC to laptop Installed SP4 uninstalled service SP4. When I run the ADSL setup disk it does not see the router but Belkin software shows that it does.

The reason I changed from XP to 2000 is I found the Laptop became rather slow on XP Pro. I am now thinking about trying XP Home. I have not had any experience with home so I am not sure if it is lighter on resources than Pro. I would however like to resolve the 2000 problem just as a matter of gaining the experience.

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by WorkForFood In reply to Wireless High Speed Mode ...

You don't need to install PPPoE - this is only used on the DSL side. If your laptop was showing an IP address that looks like 169.254.x.x, this is an automatically assigned address that Windows systems use when they can't get an address any other way. If DHCP is enabled on your router and you see this address on the laptop, it simply means the laptop can't see the router to get a proper address. Is DHCP enabled on the router, and if so, what address range is available for assignment? What kind of router is it, anyway? Don't even think about moving to XP Home, when it comes to networking it is dog poop.

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