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Wireless how fast should it be ?

By camsbhb ·
Hi can anyone help me, I don't know much about these things but I was sold this system thinking it was the way of the future and it is actually worse than a 56K dial up modem. I have a connection block which tells me my systems connected 100Mbps. My major problem is when I either upload to my homepage it times out and sometimes I get cut off whilst downloading. Unfortunately I cannot give you more info than this, I am approximately 2500 Metres from the tower, using a 17db antenna and a 128 LAN hub unit, my computer is an Intel Celeron CPU 2.66GHz with 248 MB of Ram. Example, I downloaded a 9.81 MB Program at 07:00 and it took me around 35 minutes to download. At 14:30 it took me 1hour and 50 mins to download a 5212KB Program then again at 19:00 the system shows me I am downloading at 629B/S Can someone tell me if they think this is slow or normal or fast and what tests can I do what can I download to prove the equipment is wrong and my main concern for you people out there is I am in South Africa and keep getting fobbed off with excuses about it's probably the servers busy where you're trying to reach. Please help me if you can. Sorry about the lack of info but I am relatively new to this computer game so take it easy with me.

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Wireless Speed

by BFilmFan In reply to Wireless how fast should ...

Depending on the speed of the wireless connection, you could be at any speed from 1MB to 54 MB of connectivity.

I'd advise getting a computer nerd friend to look at the system.

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Advice please

by camsbhb In reply to Wireless Speed

Firstly thank you for your swift reply to my question, secondly could you guide me on what things to look for, should I get someone with sufficient knowledge and intelligence to check my system out for me.

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So many variables

by JamesRL In reply to Wireless how fast should ...

Yes, the site you are trying to reach can be busy and that can cause slow downloads.

Try this test to see if its related to time of day. It would appear from your results that your performance does vary widely.

You don't say what protocol your wired connection is - is it DSL or Cable or ISDN or what?

I don't use wireless, I have a DSL line and before some major network upgrades by the provider, I was 2 to 3 times faster than a 56 K modem. Now its roughly 8 times faster :)

I am assuming you are not using more than one computer on this connection.

Have you explored the amplifiers? Try googling Pringles can and wireless.


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More help please

by camsbhb In reply to So many variables

James thank you very much for all your assistance. I am still sitting with the same problems and perhaps you may be able to assist me more. I tried the CNet bandwidth test which is mainly for USA clients but here's what I was told at 17:00 on 14/02 my speed was 16Kbps, at 20:00 my speed was 24Kbps and at 07:30 this morning it took too long and I gave up. My protocol is PPPoE, and yes it is the only computer in my home. The reason I purchased this system was to try and get away from the slow up and download speeds from my dial up 56K modem which were atrocious, being a third world country you can put up with that but with todays technology surely they can provide something better. Can you give me more information regarding amplifiers, and what are Pringles can and wireless. Whether these settings will help you or not I don't know but here goes I.P.Address
Subnet mask
Preferred DNS Server
Alternate DNS Server
I am a pensioner and not up to date with computers but the truth is I need someone to tell me or advise me what to do with this system, do I get rid of it and go back to dial up can't go to DSL as it's too expensive. Broadband hasn't reached our neck of the woods and again would probably be too expensive.

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by chriswales In reply to Wireless how fast should ...

Your connection appears to be extremely slow.

Can you tell me how you connect via the wireless antenna and how that connects to your ISP, or whoever is providing the access?

Also, you mentioned a 128 LAN hub unit... Is this a big hub with 128 ports or is it a brand name?

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Thanks Chris

by camsbhb In reply to

It would appear that all has been solved after the people who sold me this rubbish called me and said an upgrade had taken place. Then I found that they had put in another "pipe" whatever that is and hey presto this things like lightning now, but thank you all for your help and patience.

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