Wireless Hub/Switch

By David.Flechler ·
Can one router connect to another router and act as a switch through a wireless connection? Connecting to the other router through a wireless connection?

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by scott_heath In reply to Wireless Hub/Switch

You can daist chain those devices, but they aren't real routers in the commercial sense and are not designed as such. You may experience routing anamolies and slowness, or maybe not. I did it for a while and it was fine 98& of the time.

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Having trouble

by David.Flechler In reply to Yes...

I've heard it could be done but not having any luck so far.
I can't seem to get the routers to connect wirelessly. Any suggestions/instructions on how you did it?
Maybe you know a website with the instructions posted on it. your help is greatly appreciated

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by scott_heath In reply to Having trouble

I think I misunderstood. I thought you wanted to wire line connect to routers with wireless capability. You want to connect them via their wireless interfaces. Yeah, I don't think it will happen. Maybe if it's one of those boxes from Linksys that runs Linux you could do it, but it still wouldn't be easy. You would have to bridge to the other network and because these routers are typically for home use the almost never had advanced features. If you recently bought one of them, return it and get a Wireless Access Point and make sure it says on the box that it can bridge back to your main network thought the wireless connection.

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Kinda possible

by AndyMcK In reply to Having trouble

As Scott said, you can't do this with two WAPs. You need a bridging solution. What you might want to think about is plugging something like a Linksys WET54G into one of the WAPs and 'bridging' (not in the truest sense) into the other.

There's other manufacturers that do similar kit.

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