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    Wireless implementation in old, large house


    by brian.duncan ·

    A client wants a wireless network in their large, old house with thick wall that kills signals. What’s the best way to implement? Here’s what I’ve come up with – attach a Buffalo hi power G router to the cable modem (located on the middle of 3 floors) and link 3-4 other identical buffalo router units to the primary via a WDS star config. I will be placing one on Buffalo unit on each floor. Will this work? Is there a better way to do this?

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      whats the size of house roughly?

      by stephenmoriarty ·

      In reply to Wireless implementation in old, large house

      Gee my house was made in 1770, and I’ll admit to a dead spot near a massive chimney, but most of my house has good not great coverage with just one access point, admitted I had to study what other access ponts were near by, and find a free channel, I have noticed a lot more 2.4gz phones in the neighborhood as well as 2.4gz baby cameras. I can get a signal and connection on my back porch outside. to me its sounds like an over kill in equipment, I would fire up main access point make sure you have a non conflicting channel /as well as non conflicting SSID name and walk around with a laptop and see how the signal is on each floor.

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