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Wireless in small office

By tcsnetwork ·
I am looking for a recomendation to hookup 1 laptop to a small network of 5 computers. what wirelss dsl product is sufficient?

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by Clamchowder In reply to Wireless in small office

What do you mean by "dsl product"? Do you mean different type of speed that your dsl service provider offers? I use Netgear wireless router and NIC for my 3 PCs and a laptop at home, no problems there. I use DSL Pro package because it's cheap and I rarely download large files. When I say large, I mean >= 100MB. Don't forget to lock up your wireless network after installation.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.

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by tcsnetwork In reply to Re:

Thank You Cla,chowder. To make my self clear i am setting up a server for the 4 computer whichonly one is going to use wireless connection. I wanted to know if in should use a high end Cisco or a off the shelf brand.

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Linksys Wireless - WRT54G

by zrow0ne In reply to Wireless in small office

I recommend using the WRT54G(Linksys Wireless Router). It costs about $50 @ BestBuy and is easy to install/setup. It has 4 cat5 connections on the back and supports multiple wireless connections along with a built-in firewall. Has a easy to use web interface (looks like a web page) to change settings. WPA-TKIP (wireless security) can be setup to keep hackers off your network. Hope this helps!

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Wireless Recommendation

by tcsnetwork In reply to Linksys Wireless - WRT54G

Thank you for that information on wireless routers. I will agree that choice of Lynksys wireless routers. I checked it out in the lynksys site and it will fit nicely.

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by tptbusines_98 In reply to Wireless in small office

Look into the 3Com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router...

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Quite a few choices but don't forget security

by JG@FJ In reply to Wireless in small office

Besides the Linksys and Cisco boxes mentioned there are Netgear & Belkin products (and probably loads more) that will come in at around the same sort of price and with similar functionality. You pay your money & take your choice.
Whatever you do go for don't forget the basics of wireless security:
1) don't broadcast your SSID
2) use MAC address authentication
3) if your router is also your DHCP server, assign each machine its own IP address and restrict the IP range
4) use a WEP key

This should keep you relatively safe from all but the professional hacker.

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Professional Hacker

by tcsnetwork In reply to Quite a few choices but d ...

JG thank you for that input. What is the best way to prevent the pro hacker from access and do you think verizon wireless is safe?

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Pro Hackers & Verizon Wireless

by JG@FJ In reply to Professional Hacker

Sorry can't help you any further on these. No doubt there are wireless security experts and those that know about Verizon Wireless on here who can.

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Senao CB3 2611 plus

by thanetadmin In reply to Wireless in small office

Senao CB3 2611 plus would be a good choice too.


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Best Wireless Router...

by cvestal In reply to Wireless in small office

I agree that Linksys probably makes the best router, and that seems to be the future trend, since Cisco bought Linksys out.

Hopefully, some of the great Cisco technology available in the enterprise realm will filter down into the Linksys consumer product line.

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