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Wireless Interference problems

By gina.gilmore ·
Working with 2.4 G cordless telephone, and the Linksys router wireless. Were both on frequency channel 6, changed router to channel 1. Still have issues with DSL cutting off 1-3 times per day, and the cordless phones do not work consistently. The network connectivity is working for the most part unless the DSL goes off, in which case I have to reboot the DSL modem and the Linksys router. Please advise what configuration I am missing, or is this something I have to just deal with? Live in Everglades City, which is rural area.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Wireless Interference pro ...

How is the DSL connected? Is the cordless phone on a passthru type connection or its own wall outlet?? You might try reversing the red and green wires on the DSL wall connection point. Do you have a std wire phone to replace the cordless for a day or two to eliminate it as source of interuption??

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by gina.gilmore In reply to

I'm sure this would help me, but a little too complicated for me. I'd rather just change out the phones to a different frequency, as per second answer here. Thank you for your response.

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by In reply to Wireless Interference pro ...

Hello Gina,

As you noted, both devices use 2.4GHz. Both devices are emitting radio frequency signals at the same frequency and will interfere with each other.

1. Keep your current wireless network and get a cordless phone that works on a different frequency. The main choices available are 900 MHz and 5.8 GHz. Either of these will not interfere with your 2.4 GHz wireless network.

Did this help?

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by gina.gilmore In reply to

Thank you. We will be purchasing another phone system when my employer feels the cost is justified. For now, we have switched channels/frequencies on the router to try. Interruptions have lessened. Thank you for your response.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Wireless Interference pro ...

may we have model number of linksys and dsl modem (if separate) meanwhile i am gonna call 'it' the 'linksys/whatever'
sounds like 2 problems maybe:
one, the phones and wireless are incompatible imho. well explained above imho. RF is invisible but not magical (tease). (antenna makers websites are good place i found when googling to read up on rf troubleshooting and repair...)
but how would RF problems cut off your dsl? you think maybe the linksys gets too confused? (tease)because you are hardwired to DSL, yes? that it keeps cutting out second thorn in side maybe.
if so, tell us more about your setup. this setup new and always done this? this been there awhile and has this new problem?
update firmware to latest in linksys/whatever
browse linksys/whatever sites for this problem
inquire at isp about this problem.
inquire at phone company router support about this problem and what is a recommended router model.
see if you can find an 'auto connect' or 'reconnect' setting in the linksys /whatever
put the linksys/whatever on a UPS. this is worth buying one to try and i really hope you have one around already...
keep a log of the date and time of the dsl failures and how you fixed it (reset or reconnect from linksys/whatever browser interface or hard reset or )
linksys bites imho if this is not a home network.

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by gina.gilmore In reply to

Set the autoconnect on the router. Interruptions are less, but still there. Thank you for your response.

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by wlbowers In reply to Wireless Interference pro ...

I have been a Ham Radio operator since '88.

You are gonna have to get one or the other off the BAND. The easiest to change will be the phones.

Close frequences in the same band mixing with outside influnces can cause harmonics, spurs, and all kinds of RF gremlins.

The only way to isolate these would be a scan with a spectrum analyser. You can buy new phones for what one of these rent for.


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by gina.gilmore In reply to

Two answer suggest switching phone systems. Cordless and wireless are my only options, so we will find a way. Thank you for your response.

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by gina.gilmore In reply to Wireless Interference pro ...

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