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Wireless Internet

By cwithers ·
We have wireless internet with an air card and Cingular service which works great. Can we hook on wireless internet service to our desktop by simply using a wireless router? I'm expecting that some other type of card will need to be added to the desktop too. Please also verify that this can be done without a cable or DSL internet service.

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There are several options available

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wireless Internet

Though I'm sure your ISP will advise you to purchase another Wireless Connection USB for the Desktop computer and you'll have to ISP accounts to pay for.

The Wireless Broadband is something different to the WiFi connection built into most NB's as they work on different principals. If you really must have a WiFi Home Network with all the insecurity and Legal Ramifications that come with that you'll need some kind of 811 G repeater and a conventional WiFi card in the Desktop that you connect to the Internet through the Wireless Access Point and then the NB or if you go with a cable option you can run a CAT5 Cable from the NB's socket to a Hub and then another CAT5 cable to the desktop and plug it into the Ethernet connection on the desktop or if it doesn't have one available plug in a NIC card and install the drivers for it.

You don't need either a router or DSL connection as they would be unnecessary if you are planning to only use the Wireless Broadband but just be careful as you may find yourself racking up excess usage fees because you generally have a limited amount of time per month on the Wireless Broadband connections.


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