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By centurylv ·
I would like some input regarding a problem a friend is having with static electricity from nearby storms and perhaps other sources coming in on the input line from the antenna on a wireless installation. It is destroying his router on a regular basis. The person who is experiencing the trouble is running a Linksys router. The wireless ISP has replaced the router several times but the problem persists and there doesn't seem to be a fix for the recurring problem. Any thoughts on a solution?

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A couple cures

by mjd420nova In reply to Wireless Internet Access

You could try placing screens around the outside walls closest to the router antennas. This would prevent static flashes from getting to the unit thru the outside walls. You could also move the unit away from the outside walls, as into an interior room. Also, a lightning protection device could be added to the incoming cable, or DSL line. Some newer power strips have these included with their surge protection circuits. Look for the strips with the appropriate connectors on the strips themselves.

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Is he using an external antenna?

by jdclyde In reply to Wireless Internet Access

If so, make sure the antenna is properly grounded.

Test the outlet the router is plugged into, to make sure it is wired correctly and has a working ground.

Is the outlet "clean"? If there is a heavy load on the the zone, it can cause it to "brown out" which makes equipment burn up.

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