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    wireless internet connection


    by p2r2k ·

    I set up a wireless internet connection at home: a modem to a wireless G router to 2 computers (1 desktop & 1 laptop w/ wireless adapters). After I configured my router (selecting a different router address than a common 192.168.0.n & enabling the WPA-TKIP encryption), I was surfing on the net for two to three hours before my internet browser was disconnected (unable to find the server) from the internet. I looked at the wireless connection icon and found that I was still connected and has a good signal strength. My limewire program was running and still downloading when my browser got disconnected. I ping & got time out, all packages lost, & I also ping & got a response. I also tried updating the definitions for my Ad-Aware & anti-virus program to see if they can connect to the internet – work great the connections went through. I look at the TCP/IP configuration – everything normal, automatic address handling from ISP. Finally, I took off the router and connected the modem directly to my laptop – the FireFox & IE browsers work fine, got connection to the internet.
    I think my router configuration is messing up the browser.

    Do you have any ideas/suggestions on fixing or configurating the router so my browser can work?


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      by hal 9000 ·

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      First thing is to update the router and return it to the base settings and then setup to connect to the Net. When you have a stable Net Connection you can then start to change the Router Settings but do this [b] 1 at a time[/b] and make sure that the things work properly before moving on to changing another setting.

      It would also help to know if the router is actually working as it could have suffered a hardware problem or even a software problem or you may even have blocked the port used by IE & FF to access the net.

      The fact that other programs can access the net without any problems tend to point to a blocked port in the router being the culprit.


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        by p2r2k ·

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        I finally figure out what’s wrong – the IP address in Windows Network Connections did not match the router. I configure the IP address under Property and everything work!
        Thanks for your time and suggestion.

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      by p2r2k ·

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