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By cindiloo ·
I am trying to figure out why my wireless internet connection doesn't work. I get a very strong signal but after a few days I am unable to access the internet at all. It slowly dies out. Other people in the area are not having this problem from what I understand. I have taken the home network out of the equation and plugged directly into the modem and have the same results. Could there be interference in my house?

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by david.wallis In reply to Wireless Internet Connect ...

what hardware are you using?
did you mean you have plugged directly into the modem with a cable instead of wireless?

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It could be interference, but...

Its more likely a problem with the wireless transceiver. If it were interference, it would only quit working when you use your microwave or 2.4ghz wireless phone. The fact that it dies out slowly makes me think its a problem with the wireless receiver itself or foliage blocking the signal.

Does the problem repair itself when you cycle power on the P.O.E? If so, its probably not trees.

Two things I would suggest that you ask of your WISP:
1. raise the mount on your equipment.
There is more to getting throughput than a strong signal. There is also signal quality and signal/noise ratio. Raising and re-aligning it should help.

2. replace the radio at your house. If rebooting the radio gets your service back for a little while, then the equipment is probably going out.

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