Wireless Internet Issue - Repetitive, All the time

By the biscuit ·
Hi there,

Thanks for any help in advance.

I have a wireless internet setup - cable internet through Time Warner, Linksys router. I have the internet equipment in one room and my main laptop setup in the other (in a docking bay). The problem I'm having is that I lose net access over and over and over.

By that I mean that it says that the signal is Very Good or Excellent, but it either 1) just doesnt work or 2) says it cant acquire the network address (#2 is much more common). What's weird is that if I double click the little computer in the corner, go into configure wireless, and double-click the network, it will sometimes then work. But most times not. What tends to workmost reliably is re-starting the system - I go over and unplug the modem, then unplug the router, and then re-plug them back in. A minute later when all is rebooted, it most often works. But I have to do that pretty much every time I use the internet and it's quite annoying. I used to think it was signal strength, but the computer is only 8 feet from the router, and the comp says the signal is fine.

Any thoughts on what might be causing the problem? Do I need a new router? Is it the service, my computer? Is it a setting?

I am pretty computer literate, but dont know the in's and outs of networking - not sure where the real issue is.

One other thing to note is that my work laptop seems to work almost all the time, without the need for these restarts and such. But I dont have that home as often, so I cant just use it instead...

Computer is a Thinkpad. Internet explorer is v6.0. I think that covers it...any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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You didn't mention the operating system ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wireless Internet Issue - ...

So I'm assuming it is Windows XP.

Has the laptop ever been connected directly (by ethernet cable) to the router in question? Usually wireless connections work out to be more stable once the router and the laptop have had a chance to converse with each other.

Internet Explorer 6 is getting rather long in the tooth - I would advise upgrading to IE7 at least (IE8 can still be temperamental on occasions).

Your loss of connectivity could be that the laptop is set for roaming through available signals. When you access the 'View Available Wireless Networks' screen, do you see other wireless networks? Those would be other wireless signals in your immediate neighbourhood.

If the laptop is NOT set to use your wireless signal ONLY, it will constantly drop your router's signal if it encounters another wireless signal. Those other wireless networks may well be secured, therefore your laptop cannot gain access to the internet while using those signals.

Edit for usual stoopid typos.

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by the biscuit In reply to You didn't mention the op ...

It's XP.

I was connected to the router with ethernet a long long time ago (years), so I'll try giving that a shot. I do see other networks on the screen, so it must be set up in the way you mentioned. I'll change that setting, though I dont think that's the issue, bc I have the problem when I'm connected to my own net, not when it bounces to another (it does so when I lose my net signal completely, but not w/o that happening).

I'll also upgrade to IE 7. Thanks, I'll let you know if this fixes it.

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Another thing I would check...

by tmalo627 In reply to Wireless Internet Issue - ...

Did you install any software on your laptop when your wireless was first set up? There are certain programs that try to set the configuration for your WNIC. Windows has a built in service for that called Wireless Zero Configuration. If that software is trying to compete with Windows for control of the settings on your WNIC, you will have problems. Either disable Wireless Zero Configuration (Start > Run > "services.msc" Find the service and disable it), or uninstall the wireless configuration program that was installed.

Hope this helps.

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Good point !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Another thing I would che ...

I forgot about that.

Those unneccessary proprietary wireless installs can be a right pain. Particularly the bloatware ones that come with any new system.

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