Wireless Internet Malfunction

By Dwr0590 ·
First off, I have absolutely no computer experience whatsoever.

With that out of the way...

Frequently (2-4 times a day) one of two things will happen to the internet on my wireless laptop:

1.)The router will suddenly stop providing wireless internet. It's hooked up to a PC and will still allow internet on the PC, but will not provide wireless until I turn the router off and back on, and occasionaly (once every 2-3 weeks) will not work then.

2.)My laptop will suddenly lose wireless connection, though it still says that there is a network (mine) to connect to. While trying to reconnect, it will say that it's having issues (most frequent is Domain Name Server error, or something).

My question is how to fix one or both of these problems.
Thank you.

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Need more information.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Wireless Internet Malfunc ...

Both 1 and 2 are probably related. If the router isn't providing wireless, the laptop can't connect.

To help, we'll need to know the make/model of the router and the laptop as well as the operating system, including version, of the laptop.

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The info.

by Dwr0590 In reply to Need more information.

I have a refurbished Dell Inspiron 1501 with Vista. The router is a Belkin Wireless G Router-2.4GHz-802.11g

There's a green light signaling that Wi-Fi is being provided and occasionally this light will go out (thus preventing access to the internet wirelessly).
In most situations when the light goes off, by simply turning off the power strip that the router is plugged into and then turning it back on, it is fixed.

However, in other sitatuions, like I said, the laptop will suddenly not connect to any wireless router (not just my own) and when I instruct it to "Diagnose the problem" it comes back with a message saying that it's something that can't be fixed manually. The next time it occurs, I'll write down the full message and post.

Thank you for the replies so far. =)

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Well the full error message would certainly help

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The info.

But if the Wireless LED is going out on the actual Router it sounds as if the main problem is at that Device and not related to either your Computer or Vista.

Belkin Devices are not my favorite devices as they have proved unreliable in my experience.

It could be heat related which is causing the Wireless side of the Router to shut down so make sure that there is no items stacked on top of the Router or under it which prevent clear Air Flow through the Device.


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What do you call Wireless Internet?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless Internet Malfunc ...

If all you mean is that you stop getting a Signal from your WiFi Access Point or the connections gets broken there are really only 2 possibilities involved here.

1 There is interference from wireless devices causing the connection to be broken/ Look for things like Cordless or Cell Phones in the path between the WiFi Access Point and the NB or in the vicinity or strong Radio Frequency Signals in your neighborhood from things like Ham Radio Operators, TV Repeater Stations or even Cell Towers.

2 One of the Wireless devices are breaking down this could be at the WiFi Access Point or on the NB. At the Wireless Access Point it could be the actual Device failing, dirty mains power interfering with the Device or maybe even something as simple as a faulty Aerial on this device.

At the NB end it can be the WiFi card in the NB breaking down or the OS Switching it off intermentally, Vista was known to do this with some Belkin WiFi Products when it first came out but I think that problem has been addressed now so if that is the case you will need to update the drivers for your NB.


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