Wireless internet not working

By bkiverson ·
I purchased a laptop about 2 years ago and ive recently started having problems with the wireless internet...whenever i go on the "connect to network" function nothing i expect appears, infact i get no functioning networks...a few months ago i used to be able to do that and connect to our network at home and now it doesnt even appear...its the same whenever i go...The wired connection works perfectly fine so im not sure what the problem is...
please help


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If the wired connection is working properly ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wireless internet not wor ...

Assuming the wired connection has been used for the last 2 months, have you checked that the wireless connection is turned ON ?

When a laptop is connecting to the internet via the wired connection, it is usual to disable the wireless connection - then when you connect wirelessly, you disable the wired connection then enable the wireless connection.

Check in 'Network Connection' inside your Control Panel.

If the LAN icon shows ENABLED, there is every likelihood that the Wireless Connection will show DISABLED.

I'm curious. You said "i get no functioning networks" - how many were you getting?

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A lot of laptops

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Wireless internet not wor ...

have buttons on them which turns the wireless off or on. You may have accidentally disabled your wireless by unwittingly hitting that button.
Happened the other day to one of my users. And I had forgotten there was a button on that laptop. :^0

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then you spend ages tring to fix it

by .Martin. In reply to A lot of laptops

and it is all because of a little switch

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I deliberately omitted to mention the little button/switch ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to A lot of laptops

Lest I had to admit to a couple of embarrassing moments with close encounters of the first kind. :^0

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