Wireless Internet Problem?

By jb_989 ·
Hey there! My wireless internet connection is not wroking, It said it was connected but the internet still did not work. My IP adress was satic so i changed it back to recieve it automaticly and it is still not working but now it is saying the ip adress is not set properly. There is another laptop working off the same wireless connection and it is working at the moment. Thanks for your help.

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Well at a guess you have broken the unit and need to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless Internet Problem ...

Return it to it's original settings to have any hope of it working.

Now what did you do just before this stopped working?

That is what we need to know and where you need to look. Also letting us know what it is what OS is in use and so on never hurts. It would be pointless telling you how to rebuild the TCP IP Stack in Red Hat if you are using some form of Windows now wouldn't it? It would also be as pointless telling you how to repair the TCP Stack in XP if you are using Vista or ME.


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by jb_989 In reply to Well at a guess you have ...

Windows XP........Sooooooorrrrrry!

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Well, you could try using the other laptop ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wireless Internet Problem ...

As a solution.

Place the two laptops side by side and compare their settings.

That might show you what you altered on the one that doesn't work.

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Try disabling and re-enabling..

by v_2upbha In reply to Well, you could try using ...

the wireless card. This would release and renew the TCP/IP stack in XP. Also check if there is any static IP assigned to the machine. If there is, set it to dynamic. You can also check if the wireless router has MAC filtering enabled.

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