Wireless internet problems

By cettinacross ·
I have a BT Home Hub and I can connect through to wireless with no problems. It allows me to connect to my work vpn whilst using broadband and also my outlook email. But when I go into Internet Explorer and try and access any page, it will not resolve it. It accepts the command but its like its not allowing it to receive the packets back to show the web page.

If I plug the wire in I can get to the internet with no issues.

Anyone out there know why this is blocking me from receiving data on the internet through my wireless.

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by Hurell.Lyons In reply to Wireless internet problem ...

Do you have anykind of 3rd party firewall software? Or anything other then Windows controlling wireless connectivity.

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Try this

by PerezAguiar In reply to Wireless internet problem ...

Take a look if your internet explorer have a Proxy Server Defined...

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Set IP Passthrough

by taboga In reply to Wireless internet problem ...

or "bridging" on your wireless router. When you are using the hard-wire connection, you are using an IP provided by your ISP. The wireless router is assigning you a "local" IP, right?

My experience has been to set the wireless router to allow the IP provided by your ISP to passthrough directly to your machine without NAT to a local IP. It has worked for me anyway -- you might want to give it a try.

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