wireless internet problems with windows 7

By dartonman ·
Took my new laptop home last night and attempted to connect via my wireless router...don't really know what I may have done but i was given a password and it connected me....then the wife and children could no longer log in to the internet via the wireless router like they had previously. We had never password protected the router since we are in a very rural setting and saw no real need. Now it is asking them to use a password to can I undo what I'm assuming windows 7 did to my router setting?

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It's likely to be something in your router, not Windows.

by Ron K. In reply to wireless internet problem ...

You'll have to enter your router's software and go through the pages to see what's up. You can remove the need for a password by typing in your old password and leaving the new password field blank. That's not a good idea. We're in a rural setting too, the boondocks, yet we've still had people connect to our network until I locked it down tight. <br>
I recommend a simple password that everyone can remember. A password is only a few keystrokes, after all. <br>
What's the make and model number of your router and the version of it's firmware? We may have the same router here.

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by oldbaritone In reply to wireless internet problem ...

To change the set-up, check the manual.

Many wireless APs are now being set up automatically by the driver disks during the install. It's fine if you have only one computer, but when there's more than one it can make a mess. (HP's auto-setup on the computer did a number on my AP and I had to default it after my wife's new laptop set it up)

You didn't mention the brand, but most wireless routers can be reset by disconnecting power, holding the "reset" button (you may need a paper clip) plugging the power in and waiting 10-15 seconds. That usually resets the router to "factory defaults." If you just took the AP out of the box and plugged it in, that's probably what you had before.

Most of the time, that sets the SSID to "linksys" or "d-link" or something like that, with no password. You sound like you understand the risks of unsecured wireless connections.

Then you'll need to change the settings in the new laptop - search for network, Win-7 will complain that it's not secure; just tell W7 to shut up and use the wireless anyhow.


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