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wireless internet via dslrouter/cable

By Beanmeister ·
Hi, this is a rather difficult one..
Originally we were going to get DSL internet, so we bought a Billion Bipac 5100W wireless ADSL router/switch.. Would have all worked fine, only we then 6 months later went and got Cable internet instead..
The cable internet of course coming with a cable modem (Motorola sb5100 surfboard cable modem)..

Of course still wanting wireless, i am trying to set it up so that we can still get a wireless connection to internet through the billion wireless..... eg

Internet cloud -------- Cable modem -------- Bipac 5100W ---------- (wireless connection to computer)
Now using cat5cable from modem to bipac, and another cable from bipac to computer works no problem.. This all happens with computer on dymanic addressing, and DHCP on router OFF.. Changing to wireless, and trying to get a connection works to no avail... Have thought of anything possible.. cant work... Anyone got any ideas on how this could work.. Other than buying a new wireless cable modem (last resort.. save money).

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by CG IT In reply to wireless internet via dsl ...

get a different wireless router.

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by CG IT In reply to

If the network works wired, then it should work wireless as well. The wireless router [if Billion does what all the other mfgs do and that is enable the wireless broadcast of SSID by default], should broadcast. You should pick up that broadcast by the wireless NIC and see the wireless network in the wireless NIC utility. If you don't see the Wireless station in the nic utility, it's quite possible that the wireless function of the router is bad.

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by Beanmeister In reply to wireless internet via dsl ...

The computer picks up the wireless connection, but nothing comes through... it doesnt pick up an IP, (which would be from ISP(works through the cat5)) .. and no packets get through..

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by parthiv_13 In reply to wireless internet via dsl ...

as CGIT says is very right about SSID. First try that. If it dose not works then try DHCP on wireless mode. If it fails to sending packets move on to Static IPs. It should work.

As you said your PC gets on network but not able to send or receive from internet then Its your DNS or Gateway problem. Try to do static IP.

Good Luck and do post your solution on site whatever you get.

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by RCOM In reply to wireless internet via dsl ...

You said that the router won't assign an IP address to the PC with DHCP disabled? This doesn't make sense because a Dynamic IP address is configured to get an address. DHCP assigns IP addresses to conected devices. So is that what you ment to say or a mistake? So if DHCP is off, I'm wondering where the wired nic is getting an IP address from?

Connect with the cat 5 cable then run a cdommand window and use ipconfig to see what the IP address and gateway is for the wired nic. Then put a static IP for the wireless nic that is within the same subnet.

Did you have a WEP or other encryption on the router before getting the cable modem. If so you mat be entering the KEY incorrectly.

Release and renew the wired connection.

Reset the router to the factory default settings and start from stratch.

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by rkuhn In reply to wireless internet via dsl ...

I don't agree with CG IT's comments.

Many manufacturers now hide the SID and turn on encryption by default now. He's a bit outdated.

Usually, they use a combination of the serial number of the device and/or something else. Read the manual.

The better manufacturers and newer models now don't just blindly handicap their users by insecure default settings.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to wireless internet via dsl ...

i think it should work (now i have to pay a quarter). If it is a Wireless Access Point which I think it's gott be.
did you try looking this up at wireless router mfg's website?
when i setup a linksys wireless router like your's, I had to call them. They had me set it up in Bridge Mode. You'll have to see if your's has options like that.
you sure you can't surf by ip address (not name) from the wireless? then you know you have dns problem
I would do 'ipconfig' from command prompt from config that works (wired) and then from config that doesn't (wireless)
actually, you might have a good idea there to get another brand. before you buy it, look on their website, see if they have instructions for how to do what you wish.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

Rick, poster said they have wireless connectivity just no traffic. so your SID idea not correct, is it? do you owe CG an apology? or are my manners a bit outdated?

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by Beanmeister In reply to wireless internet via dsl ...

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