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    Wireless internet w/ cell phone company air card


    by lghargis ·

    We live and work in rural areas where DSL internet is not available. We have high speed cable int., but since Cox became Suddenlink, we’re always down and cust. support is horrible. We’re thinking about a Centennial Wireless air card (Sierra Card 775) for our laptops and desktops (work). I can not find a consistent answer to these things:
    1) Is there or is there not an adapter that attaches to the “no USB port” desktops into which the air card can plug?
    2) The laptop needs a PC MIA Type II slot to be compatible with the air card. The new Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop that I was just about to order has an Express card slot, making it incompatible. Should I start over in my search for a new laptop, or is there another option that I have not thought of?
    We are not computer savvy, so please use simple folk language.

    Thanks so much!

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      by lghargis ·

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      Depending on the Telco Technology

      by hal 9000 ·

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      If you are looking at the 3G Phone Network there are USB devices that can be added to the computers that allow a direct connection to the 3G phone network.

      If you are looking at a different technology I’m not sure but if given the choice between a PCMCIA or PCI Express I would be going with the PCI Express every day of the week as if gives you full access to the Bus and much faster response times.


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        by lghargis ·

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        I suspected that the Express would be better. Remember, I know lots about a dental office, not so much about computers–what is a 3G Phone Network? Would that be internet through dial-up, or maybe DSL through the phone co?
        Thank you for your help; I know that everyone on this site is an IT guru, so I appreciate your time for the IT illiterate.

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          The 3G Phone Network

          by hal 9000 ·

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          Is the Third Generation of Cell Phones since the Digital Cells where introduced. Don’t ask me how to explain the numbering I can’t but that is what the Telco’s are using so I’m presuming that it’s something to do with some Advertising Persons Idea.

          Your First Generations was the straight Digital which was Line of Sight and didn’t have the coverage necessary then they went to the CDMA network which allowed far more coverage with less infrastructure and now as the bandwidth has been released by the Governments the 3G Network has better coverage with even less infrastructure required to get the coverage so it’s cheaper to deploy for the Telco’s.

          On the down side they have to pay for the Bandwidth and the initial out lay is quite high so if you have access to the 3G network you can use a USB device to access what is called Wireless Broadband with quite good coverage over most of the country.

          The older CDMA could only be connected to NB’s and worked with a PCMCIA Card for direct connection the the older CDMA Network and you got the same speeds in downloads/uploads but it didn’t have as good a coverage as the new 3G Network will have when it is eventually fully deployed though if you live in an area where it is already deployed and want it for a stationary installation it will work perfectly for you.


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          by lghargis ·

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          Thanks, again. You really know too much.

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          No not really

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Hmmm

          It’s just that I’m setting up a NB for a client now who’s going on a caravan holiday so I’ve had to look this stuff up and speak to the different suppliers to find out what hardware is available.

          Cheers I hope that’s of some help


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