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    Wireless ISP


    by nick123 ·

    To provide wireless ISP what should I be looking into first. What wireless equipment do I need. What brands are better thatn others. What is the topology of the network. Can we start here.

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to Wireless ISP

      Since the majority of Wireless Network devices have limited range, your first issue is going to be securing RF spectrum for the proposed service area.

      You will need a setup similar to the cell phone network of towers.

      Next, you need to worry about security.
      How will you keep hackers off your network, yet make access easy enough for customers?


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      Starting point

      by oldefar ·

      In reply to Wireless ISP

      Your business strategy should be the foundation for your technical solution.

      Business objectives drive business requirments.
      Business requirements drive technical objectives.
      Technical objectives drive technical design.

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      by chris.rodgers ·

      In reply to Wireless ISP

      Cisco Aironets are always a good place to start, The biggest problem you’ll run into is obstructions cause you’ll have to run line of sight, this will make you have more CO’s and your backhaul costs go up.

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