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    Wireless ISP Laptop Options


    by grez_dego ·

    After a recent trip to the Canary Islands, I completely understand the value of a dependable laptop with ISP availability! Can anyone out there give me info on dependable laptops, wireless modem cards, and global ISPs? I want to go completely wireless, to the point that I can open the laptop on the plane and check car/hotel reservations from their websites!

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      Nextel Wireless iM1100

      by rob ·

      In reply to Wireless ISP Laptop Options

      Nextel iM1100 wireless modems are brand new stick it in the PCMCIA slot and go. Click a button and your on. $54.99 a month air time as much access as you want it seems worth it but I haven’t tested it enough to give you a full run down.


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