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By omnknt232006 ·
I would like to propose to my company to install a wireless keyboard and mouse package to all work stations. The desks that we currently use are ones that do not allow for cable management and have a slide-out drawer for the keyboard and mouse and we have had problems with people getting their feet tangled in the cords and yanking them from the back of the tower destroying the built in ports.

My main question is what are some of the downsides of using wireless equipment like this. The ones I can think of is cost of batteries and possibility of theft, does anyone have any other things that might be able to help me in writing this proposal.

My company has around 100 employees, approximately 65-75 of them literally have to use the computer every waking second of their shift.

I'm looking forward to any input I can get from the community.

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Limited Issolation

by TheChas In reply to Wireless Keyboards & Mice

There are only so many different access codes and channels for the wireless system. Your biggest problem is going to be sequencing the codes so that the users near each other are not conflicting with each other.

Then, there will be the pranksters who will take over a neighbor's system just for fun.

I don't understand your cable management problem.

A couple of self adhesive cable tie mounts and a few well placed cable ties should take care of cable management.

If the surface does not lend to installing the adhesive mounts, there are mounts that have screw holes. You can even find cable ties with release levers that make them reusable.

You could even use a staple gun to attach Velcro ties to the bottom side of most desktops.

Buy your cable ties from an electrical supply house rather than an office supply store. Panduit and Tyton are both good quality name brands in cable management supplies.


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It's an image thing

by omnknt232006 In reply to Limited Issolation

We have glass top desks. Adhering something to the underside of the desk would affect the overall image that is conveyed to visitors. This also makes nails unfeasible.

The Velcro might work, is there a particular place like best buy or a supply company that makes Velcro straps for specifically this purpose?

Thank you for your input.

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3M, Kensington, Others

by TheChas In reply to It's an image thing

3M has a nice roll of precut lengths of self wrapping Velcro the length of the precuts depends on the width. I have seen black and green. There might be other colors.

Kensington has several Velcro based cable management products.

For home, I have picked up some very interesting straps from

Say, has anyone talked with the sales rep for the desktops? I'm sure they must offer some sort of solution.

Another thought would be clear acrylic tubes or channels to run the cables through.

If memory serves me well, a company called United States Plastics had a variety of acrylic tubes available. You should also be able to find them at industrial supply houses like McMaster Carr.


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